Skin Tag Process

Detailed Blemish Removal Process     

1.  Once you arrive you will consult with Cindy and discuss each dark spot or blemish you would like removed and be shown time pictures similar to you as well as discuss your cost and healing time. 

2.  If you choose numbing cream, the treatment process starts here. This is the same cream used for laser hair or tattoo removal, allow an extra forty minutes. 
3.  Our instant skin growth removal treatments are over in seconds, removing skin tags, red spots, sun spots, age spots for each blemish. Treated areas will be red for 2-3 hours that's it.  

4.  A thin protective scab forms in one-two days and falls off in 7-12 days and is a little pinkish . At this point, each area looks better than before with no unsightly dark spots. ** No scrubs, facials, pore treatments, hair removal, chemicals or mask for several months., just on treated areas.   

5.  90-97% Virtual Scar Free Skin# Mole Removal. Healing takes 40 days to six months. Beauty mark removal and age spot removal will change color from light to dark and back to light sometimes.     

6. Apply ointment before showering and try to baby the area the first two days until the scab forms. Avoid swimming, skin tag removal eye area, shower from neck down, (DRYER THE BETTER).      

7.  One free follow up touch up consultation is included if ever needed. However some blemishes may require a small touch up after six months at the clients request. 

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