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Dec 22, 2015
I had a lot of work done on my face a few months back and was concerned with potential scarring but there was none after the proper time passed. So much easier to shave now without worrying about nicks on skin tags and moles.

cindy was wonderful, i did not have to wait, she brought right into her office, removed that horrible growth i have been dealing with with shame for 4 years of my life, people talking about me, even my boss. i look at my face now and is very happy , no more shame:) thank you cindy for changing my life. the lord directed me to sonic skin clinic. i was the gossip on my job, every one would...Posted by Barbara W on November 11, 2014. Brought to you by mojopages

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I had it removed on February 16th. I was thinking about getting the mole removed and googled mole removal in houston. Sonic Skin Care popped up and i called. They were very pleasant and let me know i could come in for a free consultation the same day. When I got there, I was nervous and they went over everything with me and provided pictures of patients with similar cases. I got the mole removed the same day and it only took about 3 minutes!! It felt like a stinging sensation but nothing intolerable. The prices vary but mine was only $50!! I gave her a $10 tip. She did a wonderful job and my skin is nearly healed with no trace that the mole ever existed.

I had a small mole removed with cindy, she was so welcoming to the office and gave me instructions on how to take care of my mole that's turning into a scab and in 10 days it will fall off,I hope... I would recommend anyone who needs removals to go to Cindy's office.and she has free follow up appointments,she's awesome
Posted by HatesFakeHoes on July 08, 2013. Brought to you by yellowpages.

I had a skin tag on my chest in my aureola area for 42 years: not a good look on a man. I thought it would take an expensive procedure to remove so I never looked into it. One day I was searching Google and came across this ad- I could not believe the price...but I said why not anyway.
In short, the procedure did sting, but it was worth it. The small scab healed in about 10 days. Now, I...
Posted by vicdamonne on April 25, 2013. Brought to you by yellowpages.

Went back for the second time. Affordable, heals fast, little pain or no pain and Cindy is supernice. Will go back again!
Posted by edit.szabo.581 on May 26, 2012. Brought to you by yellowpages.

I just had several skin tags removed from my face at Sonic Skin Care. This is actually my second time going. The first time I also had several removed from my neck and chest area and my skin looked beautiful after it was healed. The place is clean and Cindy is very welcoming. I highly recommend Sonic Skin Care, Cindy does an amazing job at a very low cost. This is the best place to go for...
Posted by liz_yen1 on March 02, 2012. Brought to you by yellowpages.

I am very happy! It was a great experience for me! Cindy welcomed me in and was very nice. I called an hour ahead and made sure they could see me. The office was clean and looked like a doctor's office. She used the laser which did not hurt - if you've had a tattoo, it's nothing like that - much less painful. I didn't use any sort of numbing cream. The removal took less than a minute! The cost...
Posted by Jenni on September 19, 2011. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

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2 years ago-
My mother had skin tags all over her face and had them removed with Cindy. I saw how beatiful my mothers face had turned out so I decided to go in and have mine removed. Cindy can be hard to understand but is very sweet. I let her remove a few without the numbing lotion but changed my mind after a few. The numbing lotion takes about 30minutes to start working then she went ahead and removed the rest. Her directions were very simple. Just to apply Neosporin everyday to each area. Scabs slowly start falling off as early as 5 days for the small ones and 10-14 days for the bigger areas. She did a fine job and I am skin tag free without any complications. Not to mention how affordable this treatment was.

Fast, easy, and affordable. I had 2 moles removed by Cindy and was out of her office within 20 min. The office is very private and clean. The procedure was nearly painless and I did not get the numbing cream. I had a mole removed by my eye and one removed from my back.Both are healing beautifully! I will be back for more removals in the future. :)

A Yahoo Local User01/21/2011
Nice office building , very clean Cindy has removed several
skin growths from my face and body and healed just like she said. I had her use a topical numbing cream because I'm a chicken very little pain and no bleeding. The treatment was very fast less than 1 hour and it was not expensive
Thanks Cindy I have already recomended you and
Sonic Skincare
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